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About Us


Laura Mocodeanu & Elena Mocodeanu 

Lavish by Lena Vera was created in 2019. The brand was inspired by Laura’s mother, Elena. 

Elena has the profound ability to create anything from scratch. With her culinary expertise in baking and her love for cooking and gardening, she expanded her knowledge to producing her very own, small batch skincare products.

Elena passed this knowledge about the nourishing power of wholesome cooking, home gardening and holistic remedies down to Laura. Over the years, Laura began to incorporate these same values into her lifestyle as well.

Together, they are excited to share their wisdom and passion for wholesome skincare with others. Each and every product is artfully crafted using raw, organic flowers, unfiltered+unrefined organic oils, as well as fair trade and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Their mission is to create everyday skincare essentials that house pure, untouched ingredients to naturally nourish and revitalize the skin. 

And now, you too can Lavish yourself from the outside-in!


The creation of our LAVENDER line products are inspired by a dear friend and criminalized survivor of domestic violence. Her story is at the center of our company’s mission to do our part in helping to support and give back to our community.

With every LAVENDER purchase, a portion of all proceeds go directly towards helping spread awareness about domestic violence. 

Grow the love and join the cause for a safer and healthier world.

Sustainability Promise

We are based in Hudson Valley, 

NY which is home to an abundance of rich plants, bountiful trees and countless fruit and vegetable farms.Each one of our products showcases local and sustainably grown 

ingredients. For ingredients that cannot be sourced locally, we are committed to working with companies that practice 

environmental and social responsibility and who are certified in fair trade and organic practices. With every Lavish By Lena Vera product you purchase, you are directly helping to support a community of local farmers and individuals committed to caring for our planet and the people 

within it.

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